Trip report to Kiev Connections by Norris B.



I traveled to Kiev, Ukraine on November 20th 2007 for the purpose of meeting a few ladies.

I utilized the services of Kiev Connections, a “marriage broker” to arrange these introductions.  Brett Ousley is the owner of Kiev Connections

The address is 9 Mikhailovskiy Lane Office 37, Kiev, Ukraine 01001 (Our address is now 15 Mala Zhytomyrska Street, Office 1b)

Phone:  +38-044-278-3034


While I had spent the previous 9 months studying the Russian language, I had not corresponded with anyone.  About three weeks before I was to travel, I contacted Mr. Ousley and decided to utilize his introduction services.  I sent Kiev Connections about 12 names and numbers of girls that I would be interested in meeting.  Some were not interested.  Some could not be reached.  Four indicated a willingness to meet with me.

When I arrived in Kiev, I proceeded straightway to Kiev Connections to schedule some meetings. 

 Late afternoon on Tuesday, 20Nov07 I met Lyudmila Kashirina (Mila).  She was already there at the agency when I arrived.  Another American man was also there and for a few moments he engaged me in conversation.  We had not yet actually been introduced, so Mila kept her seat while I talked to this man.  While waiting, she just sat there looking very interested, very pleasant, rather cheerful, and of course, very pretty.  Those were my impressions before I ever even met her.  When the staff of the agency introduced us, I greeted Mila in the Russian language and we then proceeded to leave the agency.

She was very interested to know how I studied Russian. 

Mila suggested we go to MacDonald’s to eat and talk to which I declined.

I asked her to take us someplace nice and quiet where we could talk.

A few more minutes walking and we settled on a very nice quiet restaurant.

The wait staff probably thought I was a bit strange because I wanted to keep backpack with me instead of checking it in with the coats.  I wanted to keep my backpack because inside it was my “full size” English-Russian dictionary, a “Lingo” electronic translator, and my photos.  We were very comfortable with each other and found communicating to be not terribly difficult.  We liked each other and went so far as to tell each other that on that first dinner date.  We also made plans to be together on the following evening.

 I did meet another girl the next morning for breakfast.  We met for maybe 45 minutes. 

I did like her, but I decided to follow my instincts and tell her about Mila and that I felt I wanted to spend more time with her.  She seemed to appreciate my honesty.

I did not meet any other girls during my visit to Kiev, only Mila.

 During my 12 days in Kiev we spent much time together.  Mila took time off work to spend time with me.  We went to the circus with Mila’s little daughter Elena.  We purchased tickets to attend a concert, and we made plans to take Elena to the children’s theatre.  Mila took me for a rather long walk one night that included a number of parks, views of Dniper River, beautiful views of the city, and quiet stroll across the famous “Bridge of Kisses”.  It was packed with snow so we had to move slowly and, of course, stop a couple of times. 

Sometime late in the first week, Mila took me to meet her parents. 

It seemed to go really well.  I could not communicate with them very much without assistance from Mila, but they seemed to like me.  I was able to spend a bit more time with Elena also.  A couple of days later, Mila’s grandfather passed away.  I stayed in their home and watched Elena for about 5 hours while the rest of the family buried him.

Because of this death, we were not able to attend the concert nor take Elena to the children’s theatre.  However, we  were able to spend a lot of time together.  It was a very happy time for us despite the occurrence of her grandfather’s death.

We were falling in love with each other.  We both seemed to know it and we both welcomed it.  As time passed we grew increasingly comfortable expressing our feelings to each other and begin to talk about a future a together.  Early in the second week I told Mila that I loved her, and that I wanted her to come to the U.S. on a K-1 “fiancee” visa.

I was a little surprised that she did not know the word “fiancée” and the she did not know very much about the process of getting a visa.  I had a lot of explaining to do.  It was fun and exciting.  The wheels were really turning in her head, but she always seemed to me to be serious, sincere and happy.

I returned home on 1December and began the process of obtaining a visa.  My attorney advised me that the process would 6 to 10 months.    

In mid February 08 I returned to Kiev for a week.  It was a beautiful time.  I gave Mila an engagement ring and simply spent time together and planned our future.

Much to our surprise, I received word in March08 that our visa petition had already been approved and that Mila could soon schedule her interview at the embassy.

I booked another flight to Kiev.  I wanted to be present during her interview.  It was relatively easy as we both had been very diligent in ensuring all our documentation was in order.  We returned home on 01May.  It was wonderful.  We married on 15June. 
Life is good.

It is not all easy.  The American life and culture is very different and both the man and woman have to always try to be very flexible, understanding and willing to make changes.  Of course, that is true in any successful relationship.

The one thing that worried us most was Elena’s language.  That is proving to be nothing to worry about as she is learning extremely fast and easily. 

In summary, going to Kiev Connections to meet a lady was the best thing I ever did.

I met and married the girl of my dreams.



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