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When you purchase our services you agree to our terms and conditions.






Letter forwarding service Refunds


Any unused balance of your letter forwarding service will be refunded quickly upon request. Simply e-mail and the remaining balance of your account will be refunded promptly.

For further information please read our letter forwarding  frequently asked questions page at:




Matchmaker service refunds.


If you request a refund of your matchmaker service before you e-mail your information we will promptly refund your purchase. Simply e-mail and we will promptly refund your purchase.


Please note: After you e-mail us your information we will start working for you and your matchmaker service purchase will no longer be refundable. Our matchmaker service is a program and after we receive your information and start working for you we cannot issue you a refund. We will be happy to see you anytime in the future. We will re-schedule the ladies to meet you in your future visit. If so much time has gone by that we cannot schedule the same ladies we will ask you to choose new ladies


For further information please read our matchmaker frequently asked questions page at:






Terms and conditions



We are a very personal mom and pop business and we will do everything reasonable possible to help you but you. But you must understand that our service is dealing with human beings and therefore cannot be guaranteed. This is a best efforts service. We cannot guarantee any specific lady will want to meet or correspond with you.


You must understand that typographical mistakes are possible and will not hold us liable for such mistakes.


You agree to hold us harmless from any claim, demand, or damage, including reasonable attorneys' fees, for any problems that may arise from our services, any correspondence we provide, any actions that may arise from meetings, or any other actions that result from using our services.


You agree to provide accurate and truthful information about yourself. Any false or fraudulent information provided by you may at our discretion result in the termination of your account without refund.


You are responsible for your interactions with other members. Kiev Connections accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any disputes you may have with other clients and members.


Kiev Connections web site is for personal use of individual users only and may not be used for any other purpose other than for meeting a partner for a relationship with the intention of a future marriage. If you do not intend to meet a partner for a relationship with the intention of a future marriage, you must refrain from using the site.



By purchasing our services you consent to waive your rights to pursue any and all legal actions now and in the future against Kiev Connections and any of its owners, employees, or affiliates. Kiev Connections is not liable for any loss of any kind, direct or indirect arising with your use of our site and services.



If you are a US citizen or resident you will need to comply to US IMBRA law.


Letter forwarding service.


Our letter forwarding service is just that: It is translating and delivering of your letter. There are no other services associated with this service. We will care $12 for a letter to the lady and $12 for a letter from the lady. So, it you would like a letter to the lady and a letter from the lady the charge

is $24. The letter includes translation and photos. The charge is not different if translation or photos are not included.


What you are really paying for is a service. The service is correspondence with a REAL lady who is actually writing the letters and is REALLY interested in getting married. The major cost to us is acquiring ladies who are genuinely interested in marring a western man.


To the best of our knowledge all of the ladies are currently available but you must understand this is a very fluid situation and things can change at the moment.  If you write a letter to a lady and she has become unavailable there will of course not be a charge to you for your sent letter.


If you include any of your personal contact information that will be delivered to the lady. If the ladies speak fluent English we do not translate your letter that we deliver to her.


If you have any obscene or offensive content of your letter we will not delivery your letter. We can close your account on our own discretion. Any unused portion of your balance will be returned to you.


Only we will interpret if your letter is delivered. By purchasing our letter forwarding service you accept out terms and conditions.





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